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And they're pre-qualified to invest money into the right business.

These are as targeted and high quality as leads get. 

They just filled out an entire page of info and are serious about making money from home starting right now.

These are not clicks.

These leads filled out a large form to see your opportunity, product, service or affiliate offer.

These are permission based so you can import them into virtually any email service and fire away.

They are 100% from the USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

And they're primed to spend in the range of $500-3000+ on the right income opportunity.

Each subscriber equals on average, around $1 per month per subscriber.

That's a potential $12/year per subscriber - for the price of $1 per lead.

Again, just to be clear:

These are NOT "spam" leads. They are WAITING to hear from you.

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These leads are a goldmine in the right hands.

Choose your package below and you will receive a .csv file with fresh, high quality prospects within 24-48 hours!
Real-Time Buyer Prospects

These leads work best with offers relating to:

  • Business Opportunities
  • ​Affiliate Marketing
  • ​Make Money
  • ​Financial
  • Work from Home
  • ​Internet Marketing
  • ​Email Marketing
  • ​MLM / Network Marketing
  • ​Self / Personal Development
  • ​Self Growth / Success

These leads are pre-qualified to spend $500-$3000+ on income opportunities!

About Us

ProfitsXROI™ is an internet marketing "done for you" agency which has been responsible for several 7-8 figure launches as a ghost in the machine for some of the most successful and famous entrepreneurs in the world. 

Owner and CEO Jason Mangrum is a bestselling author, multi-million dollar copywriter, marketing strategist, consultant, private mentor and email marketing expert with over $60 million in revenue generated for his clients and counting.

Contact Us About Our "Done for You" Marketing Services

  • Full Assessment of Current Website(s), Marketing Materials / Funnels
  • Marketing strategy (Traffic + Conversion + Funnel Optimization + Split testing)
  • ​Traffic and lead generation (via YouTube, FB, Instagram, SEO & Email Marketing)
  • ​Email Marketing (List segmentation, Followup Marketing, Lead Generation)
  • ​Copywriting (Critique/Optimization/Split testing of Copy Elements for Higher EPC)
  • ​PR Strategy, Content Distribution & Syndication to Multiple Sources/Platforms

Client Testimonials

"Jason Mangrum is one of my secret weapons. This guy humbly concocts response-skyrocketing hacks in his sleep."
-Mark Joyner, The “Godfather of Internet Marketing”, Inventor of the tracking pixel
"I would recommend his excellent services for anyone who's serious about turning more of their prospects into buyers."
-Mike Filsaime, #1 Bestselling Author
"We did over $1.6 million dollars in just a few days... I'd recommend to hire Jason immediately!"
-Jeremy Gislason,  Marketing Main Event III
"Heads up! Jason is a marketing genius! Orders came pouring in...Listen to Jason. Hire him. I did and I do."
-Dr. Joe Vitale, Bestselling Author & Co-star - The Secret
"Let this guy work his magic like he's done for me many times, and your stuff sells a heck of a lot better than ever."
-Bill McRea, Creator - Marketing On The Fringe
"...I would have paid 10X the investment just for the segmentation strategy alone."
-Travis Motley, Performance Coach at Impact Strength And Performance
"...It might make your marketing at LEAST 5x better."
-Joel Comm, Bestselling Author, Speaker & Host
"If you want to ensure the success of your marketing campaign, let him do it for you!"
-James Grandstaff, Creator - Downline Secrets
"I've never seen anything convert like this before. Hire him now!!"
-Barry Goss, Co-founder - Masters of The Secret
"...I read the entire thing and it takes my shit to the next level."
-Matt Bacak, Marketing Legend of the Year 2019

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